6. Continue To Focus On The Mission In Front Of You

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6. Continue To Focus On The Mission In Front Of You

Sometimes the inspiration is hard to muster….but it's there because the mission is in front of you. Connie recently joined a health improvement group at her worksite. The group hired a trainer to join them 1-2 times per month, but the trainer was always “on call” for motivation
Connie is 50+ and a recent convert to better health management. She sent this email:
Just wanted to let you know how much I realized how the daily exercise and eating right affects my mood and how I physically feel. I was out of town for my business Tues, Wed and Thurs. I did not run in the mornings, I drank diet soda instead of water, and did not eat regular balanced meals By Wed night I felt like *??#**. (Like I did before January.) But now I am back on track.
Even though I did not get home last night until 11:30, I got up at 6:15, ran the treadmill, had a yogurt for breakfast and have been drinking my water. Already I feel better.



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