7. It's Not Easy To Run A Business, Even If It's Your Health Business

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7. It's Not Easy To Run A Business, Even If It's Your Health Business

The goal in sharing these worksheets with you was to provide an escalating value to your actions and your decisions. The idea was to carry you through the investment decision-making process to a place where you, and only you, could decide how much you were willing to risk versus how much you wanted to invest in your overall quality of life, especially for the long-term. Only you can make these decisions. And, not making the decisions is just as much a response, because no change means more of exactly what you already have. High blood pressure will not resolve on its own. Arthritis will not heal by itself. Depression does not cure itself. You must make changes (visiting the doctor, taking your medicine, improving your level of exercise) in order for the risk/condition to improve. In most instances, you have the power to improve the outlook for better health.
It's important that you complete the process for valuing your conditions and improvement potential. Again, consider these the investment opportunities. See if you can make a few small changes that will influence multiple returns, providing improvement for more than one condition. And track your success.



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