8. Your Health Is Your Business

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8. Your Health Is Your Business

Regardless of how you make your living, your health is your business, more your business than anyone else's, for that matter.

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your health, you have some decisions to make that will affect how your personal health business prospers. This introduction provides an overview of how this program is set up, including the process to make decisions that are consistent with your goals and your individual vision of your future. You know that it's so much harder to achieve your goals if your health gets in the way; so learning how to achieve your healthy future through an investment design is a business approach that may make more sense to you. It enhances what you do to protect your health, and that teaches you how to change to improve your health.

If your health is poor, your ability to realize your goals and dreams is limited. Often, one doesn't consider the impact our health has on other life decisions. Then some of these important decisions are made quickly and with little thought to alternative avenues of care, side effects, or consequences, all of which have direct influence on financial health. By planning and being in charge of your health, you can control decisions in a way that puts the money into your investments—saving and often increasing your wealth while you maintain or improve your health. Investing in your health is a much better way to insure your future health and your future wealth…much like the CEO of a company insures future growth and profitability.



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