9. You Are Your Corporation

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9. You Are Your Corporation

Taking a CEO approach creates values for estimating risk to the total corporation: YOU

By taking a series of steps to help you see the big picture of where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there, you can see how your current health behaviors are supporting or endangering your future returns and total wealth.. Using Investment strategies that support growth of wealth, you become better at understand where to invest, where to make behavior changes:: save where you can, keep your options open, identify risks to your total portfolio.

Explaining the CEO strategy and concept: The CEO needs to know what you stand to gain by following this business plan as opposed to that one, how to deal with all the “yes, buts” in the beginning, , and how to look at your health as part of an investment strategy for the long-term: your Health-Wealth Portfolio™.

Creating a roadmap to a healthier future. The benchmarking, as this is known, is important because you don't know if you are succeeding unless you know where you started.. What are your assets and “liabilities”? These include: family history, current health practices, current screening results and numbers, risks, and any current disease conditions. What are the risks to your portfolio? What risks may develop into illness and increase costs if they aren't handled and modified?
At the end of this thorough, honest look at your health, behaviors, and risks, you will have concrete information for formulating a plan to maximize your health and wealth for years into the future. We'll show you how TIMEŠ can help you improve your health, decrease your risks, and keep you focused on success.



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