3. Magnitude And Choice Change Decisions

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3. Magnitude And Choice Change Decisions

There are differences between the choice of orange juice and the choice of hospital for surgery, to be sure. No one can suggest that emergency bypass surgery and treating a sore throat are health decisions of the same magnitude.
Yet each person has the ability to make decisions that affect your every day life and that may affect your long-term health outlook. If your mother or father had diabetes, you know that you are at higher risk for developing the disease, and that obesity, inactivity, and not getting regular check-ups increase the likelihood that you will develop the disease. Creating more activity, limiting your excess calories, and getting some eating advice from a certified diabetic educator may be a particularly good investment in your health. But you need to recognize the consequences and put a value on them that means something. It affects your perception of how successful you can be.
Whether you join a gym or workout at home, run on a treadmill at an exclusive club or in the neighborhood—these decisions are ones of spendable dollars. Either way, you will achieve more activity; the decision here is how much the location v. the dollars means to you. It's not the same level as how much losing a leg to diabetes means to you.



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