5. Get Better Results With Better Investment Decisions

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5. Get Better Results With Better Investment Decisions

As you get older, you often find yourself in situations wherein you are caring for older parents as well as children. You may be saving for a vacation or working longer hours; you may be sacrificing personal time in an effort to keep all existing priorities moving forward. But have you considered the long-term and short-term effects on your personal health? Have you avoided the annual checkup because you were busy with Mom? Did you skimp on the healthy foods this week and eat out too often? Are you making choices about whether or not to fill important prescriptions?”
The situations are best handled when they are not acute, not emergencies. That's why you periodically check up on you health-wealth portfolio, to make sure you are tracking our progress. Because, as you know, some people often say “I don't have time”; but where will you get the time when you get sick because you didn't take care of yourself?
Health investment decisions based upon total value drive better health over the long-term



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