7. The Best CEOs Get The Best Results

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7. The Best CEOs Get The Best Results

CEOs follow this philosophy. Put the best people in the leadership positions; give them the tools they need to do their job; get out of their way; evaluate progress regularly. As CEO of your own health, you can do the same:
1. Put the best people in the leadership positions. Choose your health insurance, your key physician, and your other healthcare providers wisely. Remember, you are the Executive of the corporation; they are your advisors. Ask questions, ask for results, track the improvements, and communicate your feelings and frustrations.
2. Give them the tools they need to do their job. Don't hold back on the information that your advisors need. Do your part; if you are supposed to take medicines, do it as prescribed. If you are supposed to lower the fat in your diet, do that, too. If asked to take weekly blood pressures, record the results and report the results back to the clinician. Can't afford the treatment? Speak up and let the doctor know.
3. Get out of their way. You have hired the advisors you believe in. Let them guide you. Tell them when you would like another opinion, and then relay the results of the opinion. Be a complete partner in your personal health care, not a “victim of the system.” Voice concerns, and share praise for job well-done. Do your research and ask questions, make a choice, and move on to the next decision.



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