9. Excellence Is A Habit

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9. Excellence Is A Habit

Aristotle may have said it best: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.
Your goal now is to work on the excellence that will achieve your overall vision for improved health and wealth. Optimize your investments, change out of any losing propositions, and make the most of your health-wealth portfolio.
Keep a written journal of how you are progressing. Daily entries are best, but at least 1 time each week, schedule a moment to enter your successes and your challenges. Note how easy the successes are becoming, and write ideas for overcoming the challenges.
Seek out others who are wrestling with improved health investments. They may call their actions “improving fitness,” or “eating lower fat items,” but don't be fooled—these are true investments in their health, and they, like you, will receive short-term and long-term rewards. And, they need some support from you, which will only increase your personal competency and propel you further on your journey!



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