2 The Goal Of Achieving Better Health Is Not Measurable

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2 The Goal Of Achieving Better Health Is Not Measurable

This may seem like a total contradiction of your learnings. Yet, think about it. How do you measure “better health”? Can you touch it, smell it, see it, hear it? Of course not.
A goal must be measurable so that you know you have improved. So, “achieving better health” can be stated as “I will lose one inch around my waist.” Waist measures are an indicator of abdominal fat, and abdominal fat is an indicator of increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, and more. Taking this concept further, you can see that “losing one inch around my waist in the next 30 days” is a quantifiable goal, because it sets time (in 30 days), it sets quantity (1 inch) and it sets the overall achievement (lose waist girth—the measure around an object). In this case, you setting a goal that reduces risk, and may have rewards you hadn't thought of, such as better breathing since you lost some abdominal fat.
The next goal could be to improve drop saturated fat from your diet in order to lose even more body fat and to reduce the risk of heart disease further. Each goal builds on the one before, all headed to improving your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.



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