9. Goals Should Build Over Time

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9. Goals Should Build Over Time

If you are investing, there should be some dividends, right? Begin to notice these deposits into your health-wealth portfolio. Dividends are a special kind of reward to investors, a kind of “thank you for believing in the corporation.” You can also think of them as a token of appreciation, an increase in value, kind of like a compound savings account. The wealth, the rewards, the dividends multiply over time.
How does this happen in health? Revisit the asthma model. You take your medication as prescribed, no cheating, no missing. You find that you continue to breathe better every day. It's not just about NOT having an asthma attack…you really can breathe better: dividend number one. Because you can breathe better, you have more energy and can go further on your walks: dividend number two. Because you can go further on your walks, you begin to lose weight: dividend number three. Because you are losing weight, your clothes fit better and your knees stop aching at night: ka-ching!
All because you took your medicine properly.



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