3. Your Mission Will Guide Your Vision

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3. Your Mission Will Guide Your Vision

Your mission statement is the phrase that gets your engine going every day. It also tells you why it's going—for your family, your pet, your church, your best friend. You are inspired and motivated to do your best for an achievable mission that gets you to your destination. Keep it simple but profound. Be bold when you create it.

Think of your mission statement as the motto on the flag you carry into battle. The goal is to win. The mission tells you how and why. In battle, you may be fighting for honor and glory to the Constitution and your fellow warriors.
In your health mission, you are bound and determined to achieve better health AND wealth by reducing risks and improving health indicators, using health resources wisely to achieve your dreams. You won't achieve your mission in one day, and some days you may lose the determination. But reach down deep and it's there, driving your engine. Your body wants to be healthy, and your mind wants to succeed. Give it the energy, the focus, and the reason to do better, and your wealth will increase along the way because you didn't waste it on unnecessary health consequences.



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