5. Identify Your Health Risks

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5. Identify Your Health Risks

What healthy behaviors are you currently doing now? What could you do better, what supports can you put into your life to ensure your continued success? What risks can you begin to modify NOW, before they become health problems?

Everyone takes risks, and sometimes they are good for the soul and the body. Running a little faster is a risk if you have never run fast before. But it's a manageable risk. Make sure that you are making informed choices on how you manage your health.

Putting off prevention and wellness screenings, thinking that you can drink mocha lattes your whole life, or skipping medication “for a short time,” will not give you a positive return on your investment. Put your seatbelt on every time you get in a car; take your medication; eliminate as much refined sugar and fats as you can…these are health improvement steps you can take that will improve your wealth, and your health, now and in the future.



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