7. Watch Your Withdrawals

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7. Watch Your Withdrawals

It's very important to manage and focus on your positive behaviors, as noted. But it's also important to keep risks from developing into symptoms or conditions; if you are taking blood pressure medicine (managing a risk for long-term heart disease), don't stop. Remember, moving from the “risk” category to the “symptom” or “condition” (acute or chronic) categories really depletes your portfolio. Investing both time and effort into managing the lower-cost categories of “healthy” and “at risk” will save you time, money and costly withdrawals later. The key messages here:
-Support your good behaviors
-Follow your risk management treatment plans
-Get help early in the “symptom” category, before the symptom gets out of hand
-Be disciplined about relieving acute conditions
-Be focused on the long-term behaviors that will keep your “chronic” conditions under control, so they don't become “chronically costly.”



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